Sunday, October 30, 2016

Coins, Road of Indecision, Ouroboros

The coins are the symbol of increase including emotional increase and illumination.

The question is, "Is there an increase in illumination?" Are we wiser as a result of the current situation?

The Coins are coming in today.   Generate the energy and manifest it.

I hear hear the song, "The times, they are a changin'". What is next?

Things are always changing.  Be alert, listen to your inner voice (not the voice in the head).  

What is the larger concept? How do we rethink the situation to make the best choice?

Where are you on the Road of Indecision? This is also the road of return. Are we now coming full circle?

Are you on the other side of the mountain? Are you making your return trip home?

Always look to what your options are and use your intuition too.

The Ouroboros is a symbol of connection. The snake has it's tail in it's mouth, creating the circle. It is a connection without end.

In the song, 'The Circle Chant': In this circle of love, in this circle of peace. I feel the unity. This is about Divine unity as well. Connecting and being one with God is the way.

Ouroboros is also about unity. We are all one and we are "One with God". We may not realize it, but when we do, everything changes. When we love our self, we also love others. This says we are all connected and that life is a circle. You know it, feel it.

The Coins card is about change, usually it is about increase in emotions and illumination.  Will we have some of that today?  Look at the larger concept and possibly rethink our best choice.  Review our perspective and our path.  Realize that we are all connected.  We are one with God and each other.  I like to think of the Ouroboros as a symbol of God.  Yesterday morning, we did a mantra:  God and me, me and God are one then: I Am Thee, Thou Is Me, Me Is Thou.  How beautiful.

You are loved and blessed.

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