Saturday, October 29, 2016

Lord of Contemplation, Totem, Cancer

Can you concentrate and enter into deep meditation?

Give it a try or keep trying.

Before making a decision, do you give it great thought or just make it without thought?

Do you get in touch with your higher self and follow the inner guidance?

Give yourself the benefit of your meditative / neutral mind.

The Totem is all about family. It is our connection with the past. It is the karma we bring into this life. It is about genetic influences. Yesterday, I heard that we are all 99.9% the same. That's pretty close to saying we are all one. Genetic connection is being studied world wide.

Does the connection with family help or hurt. It can do either or both.

How is our relationship with family today?
Often, Totem is about karma and Spiritual Family

Can you invoke the cosmic power of the Moon and Divine Mother, as both are of the Divine Feminine? Crabs are water creatures and are sensitive.

The crab can grab on to things with it's pinchers, but don't hold on too much or too long. Hold only as needed. Can you side step if you have to when there are obstacles in your way?

Can you be like the Mother, nurture and love one another?

Can we meditate and contemplate today?  There is much to think about.  Let us not go round and round with the voice in the head.  We can ask questions and listen for Spirit to speak to us in the quiet present moment.  How beautiful is the Totem reminding us of our connection with All.  There is an ancient saying by Yogi Bhajan, "If you don't see God in all, you don't see God at all".  Invoke the power of the moon, we have a New Moon on Sunday.

You are loved and blessed.

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