Sunday, April 17, 2011

Holy Pigs, Noisy Seabird, Weeping Woman

The Little Holy Pigs is the card of good luck. This leads material gain and good fortune in any area and on all levels. So our issue is about luck today.

This is about work and preparation toward mental wealth. What in the world is mental wealth. I think I am wealthy and so I am? or Is it that I have a wealth of ideas on the mental plane today? Lucky ideas?

The pigs are in the enclosure of your consciousness and cannot again become submerged in the Unconscious.

Could it be that it is time for some new ideas? If the old was not working well, time to make some changes.

Squawk, squawk, squawk sounds the noisy seabird. Just making noise. It can be very distracting. Listen behind the noise. Do what your heart tells you.

Use your intuition to hear the truth. Ask to hear the truth.There is physical distraction and interfering communication.

Today there is sharing information. It is a time to watch the words you speak and to consider the words of others in this light.

Don't believe everything you hear.

I sometimes think that the Weeping Woman card is the saddest one in the deck. She seems melancholy, maybe weeping. The tree is a weeping willow. She is drawn into almost a fetal protective position.

The woman tells us to go inside and look for both knowledge and wisdom by following our intuition. Find the truth. Raise yourself up by raising your vibrations.

A wise young man said to me lately, "Nothing seems to be what it is". Spirit is what is behind it all, but we may not know what Spirit sees. Seeking wisdom and the light fills us with understanding and with blessings and God's love. How often when things go wrong do we turn to the Divine. When we forgive and let go, we can heal and move forward. Bring in more light. You are not alone. Spirit is always with us, in the dark and in the light.

At first glimpse of today's reading, There is a need for connection with Spirit. Face your fears and see what comes out the other side. Go deep within to find the clarity and understanding you seek.

Every day, go within and dispel the illusions of fear (false evidence appearing real). Weep with tears of joy. Use the luck you have today to your best advantage.

You are loved and blessed.

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