Monday, April 18, 2011

Archangel Gabriel, Little Child and Puppy, Spying Page

Archangel Gabriel, sits in the wet weather with her back to us. Is she listening? We'll keep our ear tuned to angelic messages today.

The rain, sleet and snow pours down on Gabriel. The weather of Winter can be treacherous (even though it is Spring, we see snow in the NE). Exercise caution.

The red suit are the cards of awakening, adversity, trouble, severity and challenge. They are to alert us, awaken us to something we need to know. What do we need to know today? Is it that we aren't listening? Is our ego causing us to hear what is not real and cause us pain?

When we connect with the Divine, we tap into God's Love and Abundance. It is of special note that our needs are met.

It is time as Jesus said for us to recognize that we are all children of God - everywhere. To Love God and each other. When we love each other and follow the Divine Plan then our maturing is in tune with the Divine.

How beautiful both the child and the puppy are. That beauty is in each of us. If we haven't been focused on it, we would benefit by focusing on God's beauty within us.

The puppy is trusting the little girl and in return, it gives unconditional love. This is how we work through our issue. Trust that it can happen and it will.

The red page - the spying page is observing. Often when you are really observing, you are in the present moment. You can listen and broadly focus.

From the place of the observer, options and alternatives become obvious. One doesn't have to react, one can chose and act with clear mind.

Another message of the red page is to wait for the best time.

It is a challenge to stay in the present moment, but you can do it.

Archangel Gabriel is listening as the messenger. Hope you put together a good message, be child like and trust in God. Tap into that unconditional love and share it with everyone. What you send out comes back to you. Now you have the tools you need to succeed. Be patient and observant for the right time to take action.

Remember too that you are a Child of God, loved and blessed.

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