Thursday, October 29, 2015

Path, Scorpio, Pisces

The Path card is about time and distance. As a short path, it refers to an emotion that does not endure for long. It is pronounced but temporary.

There is a touch of the unconscious, the abode of the Gods. We have allowed the unconscious to come to the conscious. That's what readings are all about.

We are on the short path. We can only see a short distance.

What lies beyond? We have to be in the present to get there.

Watch your emotions so they won't get in the way. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly to be grounded and present.

Time to raise our energy as high as we can. Use your vision that is raised too.

It is also a time for healing. Time to let old wounds go and bring healing in where there has been pain.

How do we work with the Scorpio? I'm drawn to the eagle. It is at the top - higher - above the earth.

The energy is flowing in. Has there been a blockage for you?

Energy is now flowing in as if to flush it out. It's now open.

Get out of the way and get going. Pisces people can be very sensitive. The key is not to be overly sensitive.

The Christ energy is flowing in now. Open to it and bring it in.

We can't see to far today with the Path. Can we raise our energy to that of the Eagle today?  Say, 'Yes I can' and do it.  Imagine as if it is and it is.  The Path is short.  By raising our vibrations, we can let the emotions go and stay focused on the path.  Go with the flow is the message.  Get into the flow if you aren't already.

Although our distance is small, there are two streams of energy - very powerful energy.  The scorpion walks on the earth and the fish in the water on the earth.  The path is clearly on the earth too.  Do you see the connection and are you part of it?

You are loved and blessed.

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