Thursday, October 29, 2015

Leo, Journey, Bed

There are cosmic forces with us today.

I'm drawn to the energy of Leo. It goes way up and way down and then starts up again. Sounds like the stock market doesn't it. This is about energy.

Leo asks us if we have the courage. I believe that it is in all of us. We have to look for it and then use it to make it strong.

On an ego level, we have to watch the ego and take a higher road today.

The journey is the card of progress. It can also indicate an ethical decision is being made. We are emotionally moving forward and mentally reaching for a specific goal.

Change your consciousness and you can change your view. You may see a better path to take.

We are on the long and winding road. It can be a higher road that shortens our trip. Enjoy the journey.

The bed is a place of rest, a place where the subconscious mind is active and the conscious mind is asleep. Time to dream and to process the dreams. Use your dream time to give you insight and inspiration.

One could say that getting out of the bed, vacating it is the solution. The Universe loves action, especially when it is the correct action.

What lies dormant here? What do the dreams tell you? Start /continue the dream journal to get insight.

Happy Fall.  Leo tells us that summer is over, but the sun still shines during all the seasons - ruler of Leo.  How do we adjust to Fall? Let our light shine, consider the Journey we are on.  Remember that we are progressing.  It's all part of the journey.  Do take time to rest and allow the best of you which is dormant to come out.  It is Friday after all.  TGIF.

You are loved and blessed.

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