Monday, September 23, 2013

Divine Horse, Pale Horse, Archangel Raphael

Divine love always has and Divine love always will provide our every need", goes the Metaphysical statement. Is this what you believe?

The Divine Horse brings us well being and protection.

Another aspect of the Divine Horse is to tell us to practice contentment. When we do this, we find the serenity through balanced thinking.

This too comes with being at one with the All.

The Pale Horse is the Card of Fear, especially physical fear.

Today, you may be dealing with some issues of fear or panic. Take a deep breath, count to 15 and move forward.

When fear comes up, it blocks our ability to see options. It puts blinders on us. That little bean sized gland, the amygdala, wants us to fight or take flight.

Listen to the message, as it may refer to an issue of safety. Then let the emotion of the fear go, release it and move forward.
Raise your Kundalini, your vibrations and alertness.

Archangel Raphael tells us of enthusiasm. She exhibits the enthusiasm in her expression. This a wonderful energy. Enthusiasm is enfused with Spirit, just as the energy she brings in and heralds in Spring.

How is your enthusiasm today? Ask, how can I tap into the energy, then listen for your answer.  
I think Raphael is also telling us that there is healing possible now too. Are you open to healing and wholeness?

Look at all the wonderful energy around the Healer of God. We can tap into it.

Today, I'm looking at the Divine Hose for wellness.  How are you feeling?  We've just had the Equinox yesterday.  Are you feeling the changes in energy already?  It seems like Summer has flown by like the Pale Horse.  We can use that energy in two ways.  Watch your reactions by becoming the observer and not overly reacting.  Secondly be alert that you don't physically hurt yourself.  Archangel Raphael is here to tell you that Fall is a beautiful time of the year.  Time to plant seeds for the fall crop or whatever you wish for the last quarter of the year.  She also brings in healing energy for your health.  It's still a great time to get outside and enjoy nature.  Be one with everything.

I was also wondering what kriya we would do tonight in Kundalini Yoga class.  My first choice was Kriya for Disease Resistance.  After pulling Archangel Raphael's energy in today/this evening.  I know it is the best choice.  As the seasons change, so do our bodies make an adjustment.  We get colds and other dis-eases that our body uses to adapt us for the weather and journey on earth.  Do what you can to improve your disease resistance.  Yogurt for the tummy is also good to strengthen our immune system.

You are loved and blessed.

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