Monday, March 12, 2012

Holy Pigs, Pale Horse, Serpent

The Little Holy Pigs is the card of good luck. This leads material gain and good fortune in any area and on all levels. So our issue is about luck today.

This is about work and preparation toward mental wealth. What in the world is mental wealth. I think I am wealthy and so I am? or Is it that I have a wealth of ideas on the mental plane today? Lucky ideas?

The pigs are in the enclosure of your consciousness and cannot again become submerged in the Unconscious. Who let the pigs out? I did.

Could it be that it is time for some new ideas? If the old was not working well, time to make some changes.

The Pale Horse is the Card of Fear, especially physical fear.

Today, you may be dealing with some issues of fear or panic. Take a deep breath, count to 15 and move forward.

When fear comes up, it blocks our ability to see options. It puts blinders on us. That little bean sized gland, the amygdala, wants us to fight or take flight.

Listen to the message, as it may refer to an issue of safety. Then let the emotion of the fear go, release it and move forward.

Very powerful energies of the serpent are here. Be alert.

Note the serpent has doubled back. Serpent tells us to use care where we step. Be in the present as you move forward.

This can be a powerful day. Use the power with wisdom.

When we compare a running horse to a serpent, the speed is reduced with the serpent. This is especially true when we are asked to watch our step and be alert - our speed is reduced.

We have the issue of good luck.  Yet there is a barrier of fear/panic.  Push through it.  In doing so, you are working with powerful energy.

At first, I looked at the Serpent and thought of the Kundalini being awakened.  Fear when overcome and channeled is very powerful.  Ask Divine Mother and Divine Kundalini to awaken and work with you.  Let's see what rises.

You are loved and blessed.

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