Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lord of Authority, Taurus, Lord of Contemplation

Lord of Authority, are you here to test our will and ability to surrender?

Are we prepared to allow the lesser will driven by emotions or ego to the higher will from the higher self?

Having the Lord with us is very powerful, but demanding.  Especially when we are told that it is what it is.

Can you surrender or accept it?

Taurus is looking up and so can we. The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan tells us that when the dog's head is raised and looking up, there is a magical change that happens. It feels better about itself.

We too can raise our head and look up instead of down. Yes, we can be grounded and have our feet on the ground like the Taurus. We can also hold our head up high and "don't be afraid of the storm". Walk on, walk you know the song?

Taurus is stable. Wouldn't be nice if the life were to stablize too?
Just say, "Yes I can" and persevere.

I hear you telling us to 'give thought to'...

On the other hand, you look like you are thinking about the Lord of Authority and asking 'what do I do'? Go into a meditative state and ask, then act.

Let's not react negatively. Think positive and bring positive results to you.

Time to take the opportunity that has been showing up. Think too much and you will miss it as it goes away.

Wow, two Lords in one reading.  With this much power and authority, it may be good to give some thought to all that is going on, surrender your will and do your best so you can persevere.  You can do it.

You are loved and blessed.

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