Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Libra, Magical Horse, Stars

Libra speaks to us of energy that is balanced.  We too are best when we are balanced.  How do we do this?  There are several ways.  Looking at our own energy expenditures can give us clues about our current level.  Then make adjustments to bring balance.

A major way is to be in the present, not future, not past.  What do you need to do to bring balance?

The Magical Horse says to us that we are making magical progress.

The horse is on the track, in the race  and running well.

What good news that we are on track and making good progress as well.

There is also assurance of good health.  What a blessing.

Run with the wind and get all the benefits of those endorphins.

The blue stars is the card of a Plan. It refers to favorable business. Accept advantages offered. Flowers unfold. Likewise, we too unfold. You bring hope.
What is our plan? To be in the Present Moment, the Presence of the Divine. We can manifest what is desired and for our highest good by using this plan.

The stars represent each of us connected, hope and integration of the five aspects of self. Once again, integration can come through our inner work and our outer work. Each of us grow where we are planted with others. Relationships and group energy can take us where we can't go by ourselves. We need groups to be successful in spiritual growth. It's also fun and you develop a spiritual connection with each other that is one of the most loving.

Time to let go of the old and to make a new beginning. Use your wisdom and power. Create a new plan. One that delivers.

Can we find some balance or justice today?  Yes, get on track and you can make magical progress forward, then you can plan.  The Divine has a plan for us and we have chosen to a part of it. Allow the plan to unfold and be joyful.

You are blessed and loved.

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