Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lord of Benevolence, Magical Horse, Noisy Seabird

The Lord of Benevolence is holding his hand open to the bird, representing Spirit. Let the bird take these seeds from us. Offer them to Spirit. Some call this surrendering it.

This is the answer: be open, allow more information to come to you. Be in the Present and at peace. Call Spirit to you. Calling makes the connection.

This is largely a mental space. You know how to get to it don't you?

 Begin with the concept.

The Magical Horse tells us that we are making magical progress today. We see the horse is on the track, in the race and running well. Things are moving in a magical way.
What good news. There is also assurance of good health. What a blessing.

Run with the wind and get all the benefits of those endorphins.

The thought came to me: 'We can't see the rider on the Magical Horse'. You are the rider. No bridle, you must be using your knees to give direction or the guidance comes from above.

Squawk, squawk, squawk sounds the noisy seabird. Just making noise. It can be very distracting. Listen behind the noise. Do what your heart tells you.

Use your intuition to hear the truth. Ask to hear the truth.There is physical distraction and interfering communication.

Today there is sharing information. It is a time to watch the words you speak and to consider the words of others in this light. 
Don't believe everything you hear.

Allow, the Lord of Benevolence tells us.  You are doing well, your progress is good.  Our outcome is the Noisy Seabird.  Today, it is singing God's praises.  Join in.

You are loved and blessed.

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