Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cancer, Breakthrough Page, Aries

Can you invoke the cosmic power of the Moon and Divine Mother, as both are of the Divine Feminine? Crabs are water creatures and are sensitive.

The crab can grab on to things with it's pinchers, but don't hold on too much or too long. Hold only as needed. Can you side step if you have to when there are obstacles in your way?

Can you be like the Mother, nurture and love one another?

Working with Cancer today can lead us to a breakthrough. Cancer can give us inspirations of strength and courage to step up to what is required.

Breakthrough Page refers to a young man /woman who is ready to make a change, to knock on a door and open it. To move to a higher level.

You can open the door you want today. You are a spiritual being working on your vision. Today your efforts pay off and you make things happen.

Knock and it is opened to you. Seek and you find. Ask and it is given.

Aries is about new beginnings. There is an inflow of new energy to give us a new start.

Each night we go to sleep and then awaken to a new day, a new opportunity a new beginning (again or for the first time).

Tap into the energy. Draw it to you to accomplish the things you wish to get done.

Use the power of the cosmic to initiate your new projects. It is the energy needed.

We have two cosmic cards giving us assistance today, Cancer and Aries: Divine Mother and the warrior.  Put your trust in Divine Mother, step up and do what is required.  You can have a new beginning.  Tap into the Aries energy to get things moving.

You are loved and blessed.

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