Friday, April 15, 2011

Butterflies, Self, Lord of Authority

Butterflies tell us of transformation. We have embraced the idea for change in that we all have had enough of the past. Time to move forward.

There is great anticipation, expectation, joy and peace with the upcoming days. Spring is here and summer is here tomorrow.

We have the joy of all the blossoms and new openings. Growth is everywhere.

There is healing taking place. There is movement and a shift in the consciousness. Are you ready for it? I know you can adapt.

In our long journey here, we traverse through the 12 signs of the zodiac, experiencing the archetypes of each sign. In each, we have learned both the positive and negative aspects and attributes. We experience, expand the consciousness of our self, the Divine Self and the true Self. Evolving and expanding in a glorious way.

Think big, no bigger, yet even more. Feel the joy? Feel the Divine within you and celebrate with Joy. You are the cosmic Self. You are much more than you ever believed. Doesn't that fill you with hope? You are unfolding, expanding and becoming who you truly are. Know that you are Divine. "As above, so below".

Hello Lord of Authority. You say, "Not my will, but Thy will be done".

You tell us to allow the lesser will driven by emotions or ego to the higher will from the higher self. That's really hard to do when our emotions are not at our best or there is cleverness around.

Having the Lord around is very powerful along with the Self of the zodiac. Now you know what's happening for today.

Do the best you can with the cards you are dealt. Play them well. Turn the lemon into lemonade / or something like that. It is what it is.
What are you drawn to today?

Butterflies are often associated with our transition from the material to Spirit. Our old canine companion - Pepper, is facing her transition. She had a stroke a year ago and has recovered pretty well, yet over the past few days, she has grown very weak - sleeping almost constantly.

We are to keep the big picture in mind. I know that some of our recent pets in Spirit are here to help her cross. Our last card is a reminder for all of us:" Thy will be done, not our will, O Lord". We surrender her to the Divine.

Happiness is recognizing that we are all eternal beings on an Earthly journey. When this trip ends, we return to our Lord. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on Earth.

We love you Pepper and thank you for all the joy you have shared with us. Until we return to Spirit with you, have a wonderful journey home with the Angels. God Bless you.

And God bless you all.

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