Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ouroboros, Pisces, Coins

The Ouroboros is a symbol of connection. The snake has it's tail in it's mouth, creating the circle. It is a connection without end.

In the song, 'The Circle Chant': In this circle of love, in this circle of peace. I feel the unity. This is about Divine unity as well. Connecting and being one with God is the way.

Ouroboros is also about unity. We are all one and we are "One with God". We may not realize it, but when we do, everything changes. When we love our self, we also love others. This says we are all connected and that life is a circle. You know it, feel it.

The Pisces energy is streaming in today. It is perceived as Christ energy. After all, it's not time of Pisces - it was: Feb.19-March 20.

Energy is now flowing in as if to flush out any blockages. It's now open. Get out of the way and get going. Pisces people can be very sensitive. The key is not to be overly sensitive. The Christ energy is very special.

You will feel the abundance coming back and the energy flowing. Talk about inspiration. This is a great time where you need that extra zing.

The coins are the symbol of increase including emotional increase and illumination.
The coins roll in as if to tell us there is change happening. I hope it is financial in a positive sense for you. I have hope for a better economy and jobs for everyone who wants one.

Coins are often also called change. As the song says, "The times they are a changin' ". Change is a constant of the Universe. Does change startle you or are you alert and in the present? The answers are within you.

Can't help but think the Ouroboros is a form of social networking. Pisces reflects change as it refers to flowing or streaming of energy. Coins tell us of the increase of illumination. Do you think that the Mid East are experiencing change and illumination?

We also see a message of the Eternal Being flowing / streaming illumination and energy to us creating change.

Of course with the upheaval in Libya and the area, we see a shifting of values to freedom and of concern for a better life. Change is happening, especially increase in emotional energy. Could Pisces be indicating ' out with old and in with the new?

You are loved and are Love.

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