Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Major Wish, Holy Pigs, Lord of Power

The major wish is the YES card in the deck. When it appears in a reading, your major wish can come true. What is your wish? Is it full of love?

Magical things happen when you say, "Yes, I can". Barriers fall down and you can do what you need to do.

Keep your wish outcome in mind. Visualize and keep saying Yes.

I feel a great love. The love of the biggest heart of all: Infinite Spirit and our hearts are all part of it.

The Little Holy Pigs is the card of good luck. This leads material gain and good fortune in any area and on all levels.

This is about work and preparation toward mental wealth. The pigs are in the enclosure of your consciousness and cannot again become submerged in the Unconscious. (Is this the Major Wish issue?)

There is enough for everyone, as the Universe is abundant.

Use your luck well today, then share with others.
Another message of the Holy Pigs is that one good something multiplies.

The Lord of Power is the card of concentration and channeling of energy. It is the control of emotional vitality, direction of dynamics of personality. Understand that all levels of force belong to one Energy, Ulti-matter.

You have greater power to use from your inner self and higher self.

Understand how to use your spiritual power. The right thought creates the right action. You have the power to manifest by using these spiritual laws.

Manifest what you want and are guided to. Do this with prayer and meditation. This is how you access Divine Abundance and create.

Talk about powerful energy today. Major wish and/or YES? Divine Feminine in the Holy Pigs and the Lord of Power. What does all this mean?

Will your major wish come true? Possibly as we tap into the Divine Feminine - fertile, growing. Ask for help from Divine Mother. The Lord of Power tells us we can manifest what we choose. Meditate on that.

Pray and meditate conversing with God. Be thankful and tap into the creative power.

When meditating on the Major wish, one feels the love of the big heart and smaller hearts within of different patterns. "From the Heart of God, Love streams forth into the hearts of mankind" comes from the Great Invocation. Don't you just love the idea that the Love of God streams into our hearts? It touches and humbles us.

Another meaning is that Yes comes from being lucky and manifesting it. Luck is the Divine.

Never forget that you are loved and blessed.

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