Monday, May 14, 2018

Legal Papers, Celestial Bees, Noisey Seabird

The card of Legal papers is about written work. It can be about business affairs, legal procedures or business responsibility. It is also the card of study and contracts.

If you are drawn to the background, it may be about music. If you are drawn to the paper with the certificate on it, it may be about mortgage, marriage license or certificate. There appears to be both letterhead and manuscript on the table too.

What are you drawn to today? I'm drawn to the papers and see the contracts. Something to look at and bringing some healing there. Check it out on you.

There is group activity as shown by the bees. There is continued work to be done and concern about the home (the hive).

Get together with others of like interests and common ideas. It is the bees to do the will of the Divine, we can too. Just be open to it.

There is a lot of work to do today. Have fun doing it.

Start including honey in your diet. It's great on oatmeal and in tea. Good food for your health. How sweet it is.

Squawk, squawk, squawk sounds the noisy seabird. Just making noise. It can be very distracting. Listen behind the noise. Do what your heart tells you.

Use your intuition to hear the truth. Ask to hear the truth.There is physical distraction and interfering communication.

Today there is sharing information. It is a time to watch the words you speak and to consider the words of others in this light. 
Don't believe everything you hear.  As Don Miguel would say with his 5th Agreement,   "Be skeptical, but listen".
What kind of legal papers are coming for us to work on today?  Well, I'm with a Happy Bees group that is working on winning the lottery.  How does that sound?  Part of the process is getting a form notarized for the legal winnings.  Folks at our bank do the notary of signature.  Each winning needs the form, so I want to get more than 1 because there will be more than one winning.  Noisey Seabird is making a lot of noise and interfering with communication.  Use your intuition to get to the truth.

You are blessed and loved. 

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