Sunday, February 4, 2018

Fool, Archangel Uriel, Butterflies

The fool is the card of physical pleasure and experience. The soul of the personality is in search of knowledge.

There may be a new beginning starting today. You may have fallen and laughing about it, feeling a little foolish.

Get back up and get moving. The Universe rewards actions.

There is a suggestion to be more childlike. You can do that. Know that God is with you and watching over you. You can take the leap of faith today.

Uriel, Light of God, Archangel of Earth, Regent of the North in the sign of the Bull.  She is the Angel of Summer, card of success.

 You tell us that we can do it and be successful. It is the peak of our mental endeavor, knowing a spiritual work is half completed and knowing that important factors are working for you.

Archangel Uriel is full of emotional expression. She brings the light and wisdom too.

Butterflies tell us of transformation. We have embraced the idea for change in that we all have had enough of the past. Time to move forward.

There is great anticipation, expectation, joy and peace with the upcoming days.

We have the joy of all the blossoms and new openings. Growth is everywhere.

There is healing taking place. There is movement and a shift in the consciousness. Are you ready for it? I know you can adapt.

The Fool has fallen down and can't get up.  Oh yes it can, but it is laughing and having too much fun, or is it?  Archangel Uriel brings in the light, wisdom and success.  Wahoo.  Thursday evening Rose brought her Butterfly cards and we did readings with them.  My Butterfly brought strength.  Each of us got a message from the Butterflies.  Do you ever ask the Butterfly or other being if they have a message for you?  You could be pleasantly surprised.  Ask and you shall receive.  God speaks to us in many ways.

You are loved and blessed.

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