Thursday, December 14, 2017

Secrets, Whip, Spinning Top

The time is now. Time to realize, there are invisible forces helping now.

There are emotional shifting of values. There is a change of ideas or perspective.

There is high energy coming from all levels.  Higher and higher consciousness moves. You can handle the shift if you are in the present. See you there.

The whip is about discipline. Will today take great mental effort if there may be emotional unhappiness or possibly physical difficulties?

What tests us, makes us stronger. We struggle to attain and in so there is a karmic strengthening of character.

Untangle things today. Stay grounded and not reacting to others negative emotions.

Use your strengths developed from discipline.

The Spinning Top - an unexpected surprise. Could be a shock like what we see in the Jack's eyes. I hope you are shocked and overjoyed with your day

Take care that it doesn't unbalance you. You can keep things going.

Often this reflects a surprise that isn't is also less positive.

Be alert and you will stay balanced.

What are the shift of values happening now?  To find out, use your discipline.  It will take a great mental effort.  Use your strengths.  We can expect and unexpected surprise.  Don't let it unbalance you.  You can ask for Spiritual Help because the invisible forces are with us.

You are loved and blessed.

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