Saturday, November 18, 2017

Taurus, Chalice, Spinning Top

Taurus, you seem to be in a calm and balanced state. Your ears are back and your attention is looking up.

How do we feel? Are we balanced today? When we look up, what are we thinking? Are we lifting our thoughts and consciousness up?

At least we are grounded with all our feet on the ground. We have great strength and a good nose for things. We are also very practical, right?

The word 'patience' often comes to me when I see the bull.

The Chalice is the card of Holiness. It relates to Spirit. It can be the Holy Grail cup.

On the mundane, it could refer to a drinking party.

See the drops from the vine filling up the cup? Is it water or wine. Fill the Chalice with Spirit. Be open to receivnng Spiritual Blessings.

 Even more importantly, Give blessings to others.

The Spinning Top - an unexpected surprise. Could be a shock like what we see in the Jack's eyes. I hope you are shocked and overjoyed with your day

Take care that it doesn't unbalance you. You can keep things going.

Often this reflects a surprise that may or not be as positive.

Be alert and you will stay balanced.

Looks like some grounding issues today.  Let's seek the Chalice and blessings.  Give a lot of blessings and your cup fills up too.  Spirit is with us.  Remember that we may see something that is positive or negative, but is just what God wants for us. to meet our needs.

You are loved and blessed.

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