Sunday, October 8, 2017

Candle, Woolly Mammoth, Aquarius

The candle is the symbol of wisdom. Find that wisdom today. "It is better to light one candle then curse the darkness" is a very slight on the less common "Chinese proverb" "'Don't curse the darkness - light a candle." The advice given is "if something is wrong, do something about it rather than complain."

Can we throw some light on the situation today?. Light can help us see more clearly.

Candle light also creates a warm environment.

The Woolly Mammoth brings seeds of the past forward to be healed. What stuff is unresolved and needs healing?

There are many people carrying pain from the past and continue to carry these painful memories. Time to process it now we are where we are.

Are you ready to move forward, recognizing we are all connected on the Spiritual level?

Let's create new memories of healing and compassion for one another. Could be some karmic work for today. Are You ready for it?

The energy of Aquarius is pouring out. It is added to the flow which varies in intensity and amplitude. Be aware of the energy flow today.

Aquarius tells us to look at our issues from a higher level, such as how it affects humanity. Can you do that? It can be a challenge to think at this level. Wouldn't it be nice if all of our leaders did it instead of the opposite?

How about some new ideas? With the outpouring, we may get some if we are open to them. Are you?

Do we see the light today?  The candle looks as if it is unlit.  There are seeds of energy that are deep and old.  We can heal them today.  Tap into the Aquarian energy to move it out of your energy system, clearing and healing.  Let's try some new ideas and raise our consciousness to a higher level.

You are loved and blessed.

Can we heal the seeds from the past today?  We can work on transformation, healing and joy.  LIght a candle and bring in more light.  Call for healing and forgiveness.  Spirit is with us.

You are loved and blessed.

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