Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Spying Page, Aquarius, Archangel Raphael

The red page - the spying page is observing and hesitant. Often when you are really observing, you are in the present moment. You can listen and broadly focus.

From the place of the observer, options and alternatives become obvious. One doesn't have to react, one can chose and act with clear mind.

Another message of the red page is to wait for the best time.

It is a challenge to stay in the present moment, but you can do it.

The energy of Aquarius is pouring out. It is added to the flow which varies in intensity and amplitude. Be aware of the energy flow today.

Aquarius tells us to look at our issues from a higher level, such as how it affects humanity. Can you do that? It can be a challenge to think at this level. Wouldn't it be nice if all of our leaders did it instead of the opposite?

How about some new ideas? With the outpouring, we may get some if we are open to them. Are you?

The Angel of Spring, Archangel Raphael is also the Healer of God. When we have blockages removed, we can move forward.

Raphael tells us to make a new beginning. There is new energy to support you and help you on your way.

Each of are born under each of the signs of the zodiac. Edgar Cayce said that often people incarnate as groups. Sometimes in the same roles as their ancestor and sometimes in role reversal for karmic reasons. In looking at our own health and the health of our parents and grandparents, we see illnesses that may have been created as an affect on the DNA by what happened to them.

Today is a great day to call upon Archangel Raphel to help with the healing on yourself and family. 
This is a very special time we live in. Ask questions in your meditations. Ask for information to help you and all humanity.  As it is written, so it shall be. Let us also call upon Archangel Raphael for assistance in healing and restoration. What does not work well can be restored with better.

A Christian message may be: Archangel Raphael is assisting us with our healing, observing/patience in waiting for the Christ Spirit. We await for the Christ and work on building the Christ Spirit within. God Bless Us.

The Spying Page is hesitant and waiting.  Time to be more like the Archangel Raphael and step up.  Seek and Find.  Knock and it shall be opened.  Get a new start/beginning.  Remember, the Universe loves action.

You are loved and blessed.

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