Friday, July 28, 2017

Victory Horse, Gnomes, Lord of Benevolence

Victory is yours ultimately.  Take a bow as you are in the winners circle.  You have run the race and now stand victorious.

You can celebrate your victories and enjoy these days.

This is also a time for being grateful for all your blessings.

When I think of the light color of the Victory Horse, I am also thankful for the growing light of the Divine and the light we bring in through ourselves.

Kabiri, the Fire Gods who tend the internal fires and treasures of the earth. One gains through attention to labor, industry. How are we doing with it?

The Spiritual Virtues of the Gnomes is transmutation, the making of the Philosopher's Stone. Turning the base metal into Gold.
The gnomes tell us not to give up. There is progress through perseverance. Is your perseverance wavering a little today?

Hang in there and keep on working on it.

The Lord of Benevolence is holding his hand open to the bird, representing Spirit. Let the bird take these seeds from us. Offer them to Spirit. Some call this surrendering it.

This is the answer: be open, allow more information to come to you. Be in the Present and at peace. Call Spirit to you. Calling makes the connection.

This is largely a mental space. You know how to get to it don't you? Begin with the concept.

Can we see what is victory today?  We are gaining through our efforts.  Don't give up.  Hang in there and keep working on it.  Lord of Benevolence tells us to allow - open up and work with Spirit.  It takes practice, but we can do that.  Trust in God.

This is a very Spiritual day with 2 yellow and the Lord of Benevolence.  Keep on keeping on.  TGIF

You are loved and blessed.

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