Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sacred Mushroom, Destiny, Self

The mushroom is symbolic of higher consciousness. That's what we've been talking about. A shift of consciousness to a higher level.
In some cultures, taking the sacred mushroom raises their consciousness. We all know that raising our consciousness is not as easy as it is talking about it. It takes discipline, practice, meditation, right living, etc. It's not easy, but it can be done with effort.
Sometimes having another like minded person to work with you is very helpful. Group work can build energy to assist us in raising our vibration and level of consciousness. Where is your group or mentor? A new teacher may be coming to you.

Destiny tells us that things are as they should be.

There is a turn of events. Something will change from here. This is shown by the moon which indicates change.

Today, we have a waxing moon. What is most important to know is that something higher is taking care of it. It is the will of God. So go with it.

Keep in mind that there is a karmic plan or pattern over which you have no control. Put your trust in God and hear the message of His will for you.

The Self tells us to look at the big picture.  Getting perspective is very helpful when we are in a fear or panic mode.

We are having an emotional experience, just as we intended.  Had enough yet?  Do you want some more?

There is a higher power.  Tap into the energy that runs through everything and use it well.

Can we connect with our Guides today and get the counsel that we need?   Raise your vibrations and consciousness to a higher level.  Although your control is limited, God is in control.  Connect with your HIgher Self and teachers so you can use the big picture as you choose..  Turn it inside out and upside down, so you can see the big picture.  Destiny is telling us that things are as they should be.  The karmic plan is being completed.  Put your trust in God.

You are loved and blessed.

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