Monday, January 23, 2017

Leo, Black Cat, Victory Horse

There are cosmic forces with us today.

I'm drawn to the energy of Leo. It goes way up and way down and then starts up again. Sounds like the Fall weather doesn't it. This is about energy.

Leo asks us if we have the courage. I believe that it is in all of us. We have to look for it and then use it to make it strong.

On an ego level, we have to watch the ego and take a higher road today.

The cat is telling us to be alert. The black cat is the card of alert attention. There may be danger so alertness is appropriate.

Something very powerful is coming into your life - a teacher.

Feel the love. Stay centered. Be ready like the cat.

We might be startled by the cat jumping out at us from the grass.
Stay in the present. How do you know if you are in the present?

Victory is yours ultimately.  Take a bow as you are in the winners circle.  You have run the race and now stand victorious.

You can celebrate your victories and enjoy these days.

This is also a time for being grateful for all your blessings.

When I think of the light color of the Victory Horse, I am also thankful for the growing light of the Divine.

Can we control our ego today?
 Victory is our ultimately,  The Black Cat is ready to pounce.  Being in this state appears to be a fearful one.  Ego does that and create a less good outcome.  Take the higher road and we can be a winner.  Rise above and bring the Ego to a higher level.  We are already winners.

Looks like a pretty good day ahead.  Enjoy and be grateful.

You are loved and blessed.

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