Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Leo, Divine Horse, Gate

There are cosmic forces with us today.

I'm drawn to the energy of Leo. It goes way up and way down and then starts up again. Sounds like the Fall weather doesn't it. This is about energy.

Leo asks us if we have the courage. I believe that it is in all of us. We have to look for it and then use it to make it strong.

On an ego level, we have to watch the ego and take a higher road today.

"Divine love always has and Divine love always will provide our every need", goes the Metaphysical statement.

The Divine Horse brings us well being and protection. Great things to have. It also speaks of our needs being met. It's about putting our trust in God.

Another aspect of the Divine Horse is to tell us to practice contentment. When we do this, we find the serenity through balanced thinking. This too comes with being at one with the All.

The gate is shut and barred. What can we do? We can wait for a little better time.

There is purpose in the shut gate. If you can't move forward, might as well enjoy it. Time for some conversation today and quiet time.

It may simply be a matter of time. The gate doesn't stay closed forever. Is there another way around the gate? The blocks may be small. Take them one at a time. 
Don't let your size or lack stop you. You can grow.

A second meaning of the Gate is that it is the 'No' card of the deck.

Happpy Winter Solstice.
Leo is ruled by the Sun.  Today, the sunlight is the least in the Northern Hemisphere but begins to come back and the daylight begins to grow longer each day.  Winter is here whether you have the temps or snow, astrologically.  It is the darkest night of the year.  Don't forget that God is both dark and light.  All is God.  Divine Horse brings us well being and protection.  Our needs are met.  Keep that in mind today.  Look at that Gate, closed and barred.   We are directed to find another way.  Don't go where you are blocked.  Wait for a better time.

You are loved and blessed.

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