Friday, August 12, 2016

Gate, Treasure Chest, Archangel Uriel

The gate is closed. We are blocked in our progress.

Gates that are locked and blocked are generally that way for good reason. There are safety issues, emotional issues, etc. It may be time to wait or find another alternative.

Does the blockage require healing to be removed? Are you working on your blocks? Ask what needs to be done, develop a plan and then take the right actions. In the Pages of Shustah deck, this is the NO response or No card.

Open the box that contains your treasure and let it be seen. What can be seen? How is your financial abundance? More importantly, what is your treasure?

The treasure is you. You have the treasure within you. Let your light shine.

Use your treasure for the most important decisions. Your choices are what brings you the treasure and allows you to share your treasures.

Your cup runs over. Share the wealth, especially of love.

 Uriel, Light of God, Archangel of Earth, Regent of the North in the sign of the Bull.  She is the Angel of Summer, card of success. You tell us that we can do it and be successful. It is the peak of our mental endeavor, knowing a spiritual work is half completed and knowing that important factors are working for you.

Archangel Uriel is full of emotional expression. She brings the light and wisdom too.

I am reading these 3 cards as the three (3) 8 hour periods.  Midnight to 8am, we are blocked by the barred gate.  Use caution if you are out and about.  From 8am until 4pm, let your light shine.  Open to abundance and show your gratefulness of abundance and blessings you have been given.

Wow, the Lord and Archangel Uriel. Talk about powerful energy today. On top of that, we have a closed Gate too. that seems to be stopping us this morning. While we are blocked, use the time to pray and meditate. What can we learn from the blockage that will move us forward?

We can use the energy of the Treasure chest today and then you can use it for your highest good. Pray and meditate to speak to God, be thankful and tap into the power of Archangel Uriel for your success.

Spend time in meditation until it is time for action. The gate tells us to be patient. One finds patience in the power of the now and in meditation.

You are loved and blessed.

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