Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Treasure Chest, Foxes, Secrets

Open the box that contains your treasure and let it be seen. What can be seen? How is your financial abundance? More importantly, what is your treasure?

The treasure is you. You have the treasure within you. Let your light shine.

Use your treasure for the most important decisions. Your choices are what brings you the treasure and allows you to share your treasures.

Your cup runs over. Share the wealth, especially of love.

The Full Moon is out and the clouds have parted.  The Moon reflects the light from the Sun and the Moonlight shines on us.  If you look, you can see things happening that you  couldn't see otherwise.

The foxes tell us to be clever - use our mental capabilities and also watch for the cleverness of others.  Keep the foxes out of the Hen House.  Let's all be more savvy this year and do the right things.

The Moonlight lights your path.  Keep your eyes open and watch for the best timing.

The time is now. Time to realize, there are invisible forces helping now.

There are emotional shifting of values. There is a change of ideas or perspective.

There is high energy coming from all levels.

Higher and higher consciousness moves. You can handle the shift if you are in the present. See you there.

We have yellow in our question and solution - they are related.  We also have a red - challenge with light today too.
How is our light shining today?  It's good as we even have a full moon in the foxes card.  It tells us that which has been obscured is now seen.  Let the deviousness or mischief be seen and transformed.  There are invisible forces helping us today.  There is a shift of consciousness and emotional values.

You are loved and blessed.

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