Sunday, April 24, 2016

Archangel Gabriel, Totem, Woolly Mammoth

Archangel Gabriel watches over us this morning.  

She turns her head and listens.  Are you listening?  It is what we don't do enough of.  Are you listening to your thoughts?  Are you listening to your heart and God's Will?

Our thoughts are a reflection of how we are feeling and where we are.  Listen to them, especially if there is a need for change.

Archangel Gabriel is the Messenger of God.  She takes messages as well as gives them.  What message do you wish to send and/or receive.

The Totem is all about family, especially Spiritual family. It is our connection with the past. It is the karma we bring into this life. It is about genetic influences.

There is great power in the Totem and the connection with our ancestors. Draw upon that power and to the Earth. We can make a difference in so many ways. Ask Earth Mother what you are to do, then do it.

The movie 'Avatar' reminds us of our connection with Earth Mother. Remember that there are traces of our ancestors in our DNA. We are from them. We have, however, our choices at this time. Look for karmic bonds.

The Woolly Mammoth brings seeds of the past forward to be healed. What stuff is unresolved and needs healing?

There are many people carrying pain from the past and continue to carry these painful memories. Time to process it now we are where we are.

Are you ready to move forward, recognizing we are all connected on the Spiritual level?

Let's create new memories of healing and compassion for one another. Could be some karmic work for today. You are ready for it.

We are not in the season of Winter as suggested by Archangel Gabriel.  We are in springtime.  Does Gabriel have a message for us.  Can we give her a message for God?  Totem refers to the genetic influences from our past We are all connected to family, especially to ancestors.  Reach out and connect.  Work on your healing and karma.  I have an idea, why not do some karmic healing of past seeds such as the mistakes of our ancestors.  Time for forgiveness of past errors.  Let's do the healing work.  It can't hurt can it?  How will life change, for the positive.

You are loved and blessed.

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