Thursday, March 24, 2016

Swamp, Secrets, Pregnant Mouse

The swamp cautions us not to be overwhelmed. Clarity may be difficult with the swamp's muddy waters. Are you in muddy waters or is that your thinking?

Watch your step in the swamp. It is wise to test the path ahead before making a commitment. Have you been sinking because of a misstep?

Watch for emotional trickery going on. Keep an eye on things. There may be alligators and snakes you can't see in the muddy water.

Give it a little time and you can move out of the swamp.

The time is now. Time to realize, there are invisible forces helping now.

There are emotional shifting of values. There is a change of ideas or perspective.

There is high energy coming from all levels.

Higher and higher consciousness moves. You can handle the shift if you are in the present. See you there.

The pregnant mouse is the card of poverty: poor as a mouse. There is also emotional stress and the feel of threat (you might too being very small in a much larger world). Are you focusing on lack and in need of support?

Lack on the mental level can also cause restriction on the physical level.

Can you change your thinking? Can you focus on your abundance instead?

Today's issue is about focus on having our needs being met.

We are advised to watch our step and not be overwhelmed.  Can we do it?  Secrets tell us that we have invisible forces helping now.  There is a shift happening along with a change of ideas or perspectives.  Being poor is an attitude, a thought that we can shift and change.  Count your blessings.  Ask for clarity and take little steps.  Be patient and watch the shifts.  There is growth  possibilities.

You are loved and blessed.

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