Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Road of Indecision, Capricorn, Legal Papers

What is the larger concept? How do we rethink the situation to make the best choice?

Where are you on the Road of Indecision? This is also the road of return. Are we now coming full circle?

Are you on the other side of the mountain? Are you making your return trip home?

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, who slows progress. This allows you more time to do what you need to do.

Fearlessness is a trait of the Capricorn. Facing fears and moving on through them gives you power and self confidence.

The picture of the Capricorn has the tail of a fish - power in the lower half and able to move through water with a flick of the fins. The head is of the goat - sure footed in the mountains and able to traverse the tricky path.

The card of Legal papers is about written work. It can be about business affairs, legal procedures or business responsibility. It is also the card of study and contracts.

If you are drawn to the background, it may be about music. If you are drawn to the paper with the certificate on it, it may be about mortgage, marriage license or certificate.

There appears to be both letterhead and manuscript on the table too.

What are you drawn to today? I'm drawn to the papers and see the contracts.

I'm drawn to the written work with corrections.  How is that book/manuscript going?  Be certain to include the larger concept in the writing and then drill down.  Hope that works for you.  Capricorns are practical and fearless.  Tap into that energy when needed.

It is interesting that the Road of Indecision looks at the mountain.  Getting to the top takes the fearlessness and sure footed mountain goat of Capricorn.  Write that story.

You are loved and blessed.

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