Thursday, November 19, 2015

Magical Horse, Fool, Lord of Contemplation

Today, we can make some great progress and/or have good health.

We see the horse is on the track, in the race  but where is it, ahead or behind?
You can stay on topic and  keep it moving.

There is assurance of good health.  You can run with the wind and get all the benefits of those endorphins.

What kind of progress shall we have?

The fool is the card of physical pleasure and experience. The soul of the personality is in search of knowledge.

There may be a new beginning starting today.

What are you questing? What are you working on?

There is a suggestion to be more childlike.

Can you do that?

Can you concentrate and enter into deep meditation? Give it a try or keep trying.

Before making a decision, do you give it great thought or just make it without thought?

Do you get in touch with your higher self and follow the inner guidance?

You have the power, it is in your hands. As you ponder consider all sides. See the unseen and keep asking for insight.
Give thought to those things that are important to you.

How is our progress today?  Have some physical pleasure and experience.  Go ahead and seek the knowledge you are wanting.  Definitely be innocent like the child and childlike in your playing.    Do your meditation.  Contemplate.  Have a cup of herbal tea and open your mind to the Divine.  You'll get what you are wanting.

You are loved and blessed.

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Many thanks & Blessings~