Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Black Cat, Magical Horse, Celestial Bees

The cat is telling us to be alert. The black cat is the card of alert attention. There may be danger so alertness is appropriate.

Something very powerful is coming into your life - a teacher.

Feel the love. Stay centered. Be ready like the cat.

We might be startled by the cat jumping out at us from the grass.
Stay in the present. How do you know if you are in the present? Ask.

Today, we can make some great progress and/or have good health.

We see the horse is on the track, in the race  but where is it, ahead or behind?
You can stay on topic and  keep it moving.

There is assurance of good health.  You can run with the wind and get all the benefits of those endorphins.

What kind of progress shall we have?

There is group activity as shown by the bees. There is continued work to be done and concern about the home (the hive).

Get together with others of like interests and common ideas. It is the bees to do the will of the Divine, we can too. Just be open to it.

There is a lot of work to do today. Have fun doing it.

Start including honey in your diet. It's great on oatmeal and in tea. Good food for your health. How sweet it is.

Look at that grass!  It looks like my lawn, almost.  It's been raining and kept the grass wet, that I've been reluctant to cut it.  It's hard to say what is lurking in it.  We may have more showers today. Our progress is on track and magical with the Magical Horse.  Celestial Bees are having fun, so I'll have some too. We are returning home from our visit with granddaughter in Canada. We'll have to be attentive with the schedule and changes that may happen. Looking forward to getting back to the hive and all the family. The visit has been great and nice vacation of sorts. You are loved and blessed.

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