Saturday, September 12, 2015

Taurus, Archangel Raphael, Whip

Taurus, you seem to be in a calm and balanced state. Your ears are back and your attention is looking up.

How do we feel? Are we balanced today? When we look up, what are we thinking? Are we lifting our thoughts and consciousness up?

At least we are grounded with all our feet on the ground. We have great strength and a good nose for things. We are also very practical, right?

The word 'patience' often comes to me when I see the bull.

Archangel Raphael tells us of enthusiasm. She exhibits the enthusiasm in her expression. This a wonderful energy. Enthusiasm is infused with Spirit, just as the energy she brings in and heralds in Spring.

How is your enthusiasm today? Ask, how can I tap into the energy, then listen for your answer.  
I think Raphael is also telling us that there is healing possible now too. Are you open to healing and wholeness?

Look at all the wonderful energy around the Healer of God. We can tap into it.

The whip is about discipline. Will today take great mental effort if there may be emotional unhappiness or possibly physical difficulties?

What tests us, makes us stronger. We struggle to attain and in so there is a karmic strengthening of character.

Untangle things today. Stay grounded and not reacting to others negative emotions.

Use your strengths developed from discipline.

Can we see the beauty today and bring in the energy of Taurus?  Yes, you can says, Archangel Raphael.  Just look at that expression of wonderful enthusiasm.  Could be a new beginning starting today.  The energy is growing toward the new moon on Sunday.  Begin thinking of the intention or desire you wish to initiate.  This could be a good time to start a discipline, like yoga, walking, study, etc.  Go for it.

You are loved and blessed.

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Many thanks & Blessings to you~