Sunday, September 20, 2015

Leo, Self, Pale Horse

There are cosmic forces with us today.

I'm drawn to the energy of Leo. It goes way up and way down and then starts up again. Sounds like the stock market doesn't it. This is about energy.

Leo asks us if we have the courage. I believe that it is in all of us. We have to look for it and then use it to make it strong.

On an ego level, we have to watch the ego and take a higher road today.

The Self tells us to look at the big picture.  Getting perspective is very helpful when we are in a fear or panic mode.

We are having an emotional experience, just as we intended.  Had enough yet?  Do you want some more?

There is a higher power.  Tap into the energy that runs through everything and use it well.

The Pale Horse is the Card of Fear, especially physical fear.

Today, you may be dealing with some issues of fear or panic. Take a deep breath, count to 15 and move forward.

When fear comes up, it blocks our ability to see options. It puts blinders on us. That little bean sized gland, the amygdala, wants us to fight or take flight.

Get your feet back down on the ground and stabilize.  "I'll not let fear rule me," is your mantra.

There is a lot of cosmic energy with us today with Leo and the Self too.  Do we have the courage we need today?  We can find all we need within our Self, especially our higher Self.  Leo is also about the self, often the lower self.  We have cause for alarm today with the Pale Horse.  Time to call in the big guns of Leo to assist us.

You are loved and blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks & Best Blessings to you!!