Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bed, Lord of Benevolence, Lord of Power

The bed is a place of rest, a place where the subconscious mind is active and the conscious mind is asleep. Time to dream and to process the dreams. Use your dream time to give you insight and inspiration.

One could say that getting out of the bed, vacating it is the solution. The Universe loves action, especially when it is the correct action.

What lies dormant here? What do the dreams tell you? Start /continue the dream journal to get insight.

The Lord of Benevolence is holding his hand open to the bird, representing Spirit. Let the bird take these seeds from us. Offer them to Spirit. Some call this surrendering it.

This is the answer: be open, allow more information to come to you. Be in the Present and at peace. Call Spirit to you. Calling makes the connection.

This is largely a mental space. You know how to get to it don't you? Begin with the concept.

The Lord of Power is the card of concentration and channeling of energy. It is the control of emotional vitality, direction of dynamics of personality. Understand that all levels of force belong to one Energy, Ulti-matter.
You have greater power to use from your inner self and higher self.Understand how to use your spiritual power. The right thought creates the right action. You have the power to manifest by using these spiritual laws.Manifest what you want and are guided to. Do this with prayer and meditation. This is how you access Divine Abundance and create.

Wow, what a day of possibilities today.  We start with Bed, a place to dream.   You know, Life is but a dream, sweet heart.  What are you dreaming?  What is the dream you are living?  We are studying Don Miguel Ruiz 5 Agreements.  So dreaming is much in mind as well as awakening from the dream.  Ask the Lord of Benevolence to assist you in viewing your agreements and be open/allow a new dream to come into being.  How?  The Lord of Power tells us to concentrate and channel our energy, control our emotional vitality, like by detaching and not taking things personally.  Understand how to use our spiritual power and using the right thought to create the right action.

You are loved and blessed.

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