Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lord of Authority, Archangel Raphael, Sapphire

Hello Lord of Authority. You say, "Not my will, but Thy will be done".

You tell us to allow the lesser will driven by emotions or ego to the higher will from the higher self. That's really hard to do when our emotions are not at our best or there is cleverness around.

Having the Lord around is very powerful along with the Witchhazel. Now you know what's happening for today.

Do the best you can with the cards you are dealt. Play them well. Turn the lemon into lemonade / or something like that. It is what it is.

Archangel Raphael tells us of enthusiasm. She exhibits the enthusiasm in her expression. This a wonderful energy. Enthusiasm is enfused with Spirit, just as the energy she brings in and heralds in Spring.

How is your enthusiasm today? Ask, how can I tap into the energy, then listen for your answer.  
I think Raphael is also telling us that there is healing possible now too. Are you open to healing and wholeness?

Look at all the wonderful energy around the Healer of God. We can tap into it.

The blue Sapphire is the card that brings the light of understanding. It is a symbol of the higher Self. With it comes illumination and Spiritual Wisdom.

Today, we let go of material and mental things  and improve the connection by removing blockages, allowing clarity and guidance to come through.

You can allow your self the joy of connecting with your higher Self and getting information, wisdom and connections you wouldn't see otherwise.  You can bring all the facts together today, like putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

What a joy to have a new beginning.  Maybe you'll make a stronger contact with your higher self.  I'm enthused and energized by making the connection with the Higher Self. Imagine your Higher Self as a being that is coming to you.  How beautiful you are.  Then see your Higher Self merging with you.  Finally, the light of understanding, illumination and Spiritual Wisdom begins to flow.

You are loved and blessed.

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