Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gnomes, Treasure Chest, Fool

Kabiri, the Fire Gods who tend the internal fires and treasures of the earth. One gains through attention to labor, industry. How are we doing with it?

The Spiritual Virtues of the Gnomes is transmutation, the making of the Philosopher's Stone. Turning the base metal into Gold.

Open the box that contains your treasure and let it be seen. What can be seen? How is your financial abundance? More importantly, what is your treasure?

The treasure is you. You have the treasure within you. Let your light shine.
Use your treasure for the most important decisions. Your choices are what brings you the treasure and allows you to share your treasures.

Your cup runs over. Share the wealth, especially of love.

The fool is the card of physical pleasure and experience. The soul of the personality is in search of knowledge.

There may be a new beginning starting today.

What are you questing? What doors do you wish to open?

There is a suggestion to be more childlike.

Can you do that?

Today looks like a Yellow day, full of light, love and abundance.  Do you have the perseverance to hang in there today?  You make make some money today or have to spend it.  Both are the same, there is a flow.  I see your light and your benevolence.  Trust and have faith.  Be more childlike and trust in the Divine.

You are loved and blessed. 

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