Sunday, March 4, 2012

Whip, Chalice, Road of Indecision

The whip is about discipline. Do you have the great mental effort required as there may be emotional unhappiness or possibly physical difficulties?

We are told that what tests us, makes us stronger. Are you ready to struggle to attain? Could this be a karmic strengthening of character?

Can we untangle things today, stay grounded and not react to others negative emotions? This is often a difficult challenge.

Can you use your strengths developed from discipline?

The Chalice is the card of Holiness. It relates to Spirit. It can be the Holy Grail cup.

On the mundane, it could refer to a drinking party.

See the drops from the vine filling up the cup? Is it water or wine. Fill the Chalice with Spirit. Be open to receivnng Spiritual Blessings.

 Even more importantly, Give blessings to others.

Take a look at the larger concept. Rethink the situation so you can see all options.

You are on the Road of Indecision, the road of return. We are now coming full circle.

Today is a great day for a short trip. A good day for running a few errands.

From an energy perspective, rethinking our situation is always good advice. Always get the best advice you can and then YOU make your choice.

We are all on the road of return.   Look to the reality, not the illusion.  Find what needs to be headed from the past.  Then get back on the road of return.  The higher you go, the better your view.

How do we see the larger picture?  With Spirit and Spiritual practices - the Whip.  We are blessed today by Spirit.  Enjoy your road trip - journey.  What is the larger picture?  God's plan.  Today we see more than before.

You are loved and blessed.

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