Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lord of Power, Archangel Raphael, Foxes

The Lord of Power is the card of concentration and channeling of energy. It is the control of emotional vitality, direction of dynamics of personality. Understand that all levels of force belong to one Energy, Ulti-matter.

You have greater power to use from your inner self and higher self.

Understand how to use your spiritual power. The right thought creates the right action. You have the power to manifest by using these spiritual laws.

Manifest what you want and are guided to. Do this with prayer and meditation. This is how you access Divine Abundance and higher consciousness.

Archangel Raphael tells us of enthusiasm. She exhibits the enthusiasm in her expression. This a wonderful energy. Enthusiasm is enfused with Spirit, just as the energy she brings in and heralds in Spring.

How is your enthusiasm today? Ask, how can I tap into the energy, then listen for your answer.  
I think Raphael is also telling us that there is healing possible now too. Are you open to healing and wholeness?

Look at all the wonderful energy around the Healer of God. We can tap into it.

The Moon is waxing now. The light is not as bright as the Full Moon.
Look to the Reality instead of the reflection. Look to the motivations.

Use your spiritual discrimination and correct evaluation. Time to use your intuition. Have you been doing that lately? Trust what you get.

There are extraneous distractions going on here. Stay grounded . Is that an issue you are working on?

There is something interesting to the left that one fox is checking out. The ears on the front fox are pointing both forward and to the left. Wish we could do that too. Pay attention.
Yesterday and today, the foxes have been with us.  We have also had 2 Lords.  The theme of healing and wellness is also repeated.  This is big, not just one shot, we hear.  Secondly, looking to the reality is important.  We are being told that the reflection may not represent the reality or there is more that has been obscured that is now coming to light.

Today, our healing can be very powerful, as we have the assistance and power of the Universe and God's healer.  Shall there be the integration of All?  Let's do some meditating and healing.  Go for it.

You are loved and blessed

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