Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lord of Contemplation, Magical Horse, Pisces

Can you concentrate and enter into deep meditation? Give it a try or keep trying.

Before making a decision, do you give it great thought or just make it without thought?

Do you get in touch with your higher self and follow the inner guidance?

You have the power, it is in your hands. As you ponder consider all sides. See the unseen and keep asking for insight.

Give thought to all things.  Sometimes God gives us little but pivotal things to decide.

The Magical Horse says to us that we are making magical progress.

The horse is on the track, in the race  and running well.

What good news that we are on track and making good progress as well.

There is also assurance of good health.  What a blessing.

Run with the wind and get all the benefits of those endorphins.

The Pisces also has a similar issue, but today has the answer.

Energy is now flowing in as if to flush out any blockages. It's now open. Get out of the way and get going. Pisces people can be very sensitive. The key is not to be overly sensitive. The Christ energy is very special.

You will feel the abundance coming back and the energy flowing. Talk about inspiration. This is a great time where you need that extra zing.

Go with the flow.

We are giving thought in contemplation .  To what end?  Our health and well being.   The fish of Pisces are with us.  A stream of cosmic energy.  Follow the flow.  Allow the energy to raise our consciousness and get the health and illumination we seek.

You are loved and blessed.

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