Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Self, Sagittarius, Destiny

In our long journey here, we traverse through the 12 signs of the zodiac, experiencing the archetypes of each sign. In each, we have learned both the positive and negative aspects and attributes. We experience, expand the consciousness of our self, the Divine Self and the true Self. Evolving and expanding in a glorious way.

How is your evolution and expansion coming? Are you working on your purification? I hope so. There is the affect of the cosmic on us today. Do you feel it? What are the issues you are working on? There are great opportunities available to us. Is it painful, what you are going through now?

The stars of Sagittarius may appear to you as if they are attracted to the arrow. The time of Sagittarius is November 23rd - December 21st according to the rules of astrology. Since we are not in that time frame, this relates to Sag being a Truth seeker, especially the Meaning of Life.

Sag is also interested in religion and philosophy. How are we doing in our search?

Focus is required and discipline. Sag tells us to be ready and take good aim. Knowing that it is already there, Sag takes aim with intentionality. Ruled by Jupiter, benevolence is generally felt.

Destiny tells us that things are as they should be.

There is a turn of events. Something will change from here. This is shown by the moon which indicates change.

Today, we have a waxing moon. What is most important to know is that something higher is taking care of it. It is the will of God. So go with it.

Keep in mind that there is a karmic plan or pattern over which you have no control. Put your trust in God and hear the message of His will for you.

What are the challenges of the Self?  Could be what we are currently working through.  Set your goals high and go for it.  The Self is much closer to God.  I have many questions about this part of our Selfs.  Sure wish we had a better channel of communications.  It sure is hard sometimes, just bumbling forward but not.  Wonder what kind of changes we will have today.  Let's see how it unfolds.  Wow, 3 black cards with all that cosmic energy.  It just knocks my socks off.

We are loved and blessed.
You are loved and blessed too.

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