Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Road of Indecision, Journey, Archangel Michael

What is the larger concept? How do we rethink the situation to make the best choice?

Where are you on the Road of Indecision? This is also the road of return. Are we now coming full circle?

Are you on the other side of the mountain? Are you making your return trip home?

It looks like a road along a mountain and we may have have been on a diversion.

The journey is the card of progress. It can also indicate an ethical decision is being made. We are emotionally moving forward and mentally reaching for a specific goal.

Change your consciousness and you can change your view. You may see a better path to take.

We are on the long and winding road. It can be a higher road that shortens our trip. Enjoy the journey, our progress is good.

Archangel Michael, Angel of Fall is with us. Michael is sitting looking to the future, but aware of the winds of change. Don't feel alone, the angels are with us.

Michael is telling us to evaluate the situation. Give proper thought to the best solution. Get the facts, use sound judgement and have the attitude of abundance and all will be well. Let go of old ideas, old patterns and old energy like the leaves of the trees.

Just say, "I can do it". Wouldn't it be nice if everyone did?

There are those who may feel the disciple of being let go today, as thought is being considered.  This may be a literal fall from grace.  One of discipline.

As an alternative, we may also ask Archangel Michael for protection.

There is the strong feeling of letting go today, including emotions about the past or a vision of the future. Live in the now all the time.

We are making progress even though we may have had a detour.  Call upon Archangel Michael to cut out a short cut or breakthrough for us or better yet, make your own.   Get rid of extra baggage.

You are loved and blessed.

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