Monday, February 6, 2012

Fence, Little Child and Puppy, Coins

The veil is thin. Can we see through it? Yes, if we try.

It is the card of severance. It is a physical separation from a loved one or friend. It can also indicate an emotional separation or release from a personal relationship.

There is a strength to resist a detrimental relationship. There can be gaining of personal freedom from restriction. Free at last, I'm free at last may be the watch words. Freedom does have a price though.

What is the barrier that separates here? The fence indicates temporary barrier.

The Child and the Puppy is the card of attachment. An emotional wish granted. We have responsibility to our children and our animals. This also speaks to our responsibility to any one in need.

There is the granting of an emotional wish through the gift of love.

What emotional wish do you have today?

Step into some shoes larger than yours, trust and do what needs to be done - with love.

The coins are the symbol of increase including emotional increase and illumination.

The coins roll in as if to tell us there is change happening. I hope it is financial in a positive sense for you. I have hope for a better economy and jobs for everyone who wants one.

Coins are often also called change. As the song says, "The times they are a changin' ".  Change is a constant of the Universe. Does change startle you or are you alert and in the present? The answers are within you.

First we have the card of severance and then the card of attachment.  Finally we have the card of increase of emotions and illumination.

We can get a message from the other side from our loved ones.  This happened to me last Monday.  The increase in emotional joy was amazing.  I hope this happens for you too, today.

You are loved and blessed.

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