Monday, January 16, 2012

Pregnant Mouse, Victory Horse, Chalice

The pregnant mouse is the card of poverty: poor as a mouse. There is also emotional stress and the feel of threat (you might too being very small in a much larger world). Are you focusing on lack and in need of support?

Lack on the mental level can also cause restriction on the physical level.

Can you change your thinking? Can you focus on your abundance instead?

Today's issue is about feeling of a threat.

Victory is yours ultimately. Take a bow as you are in the winners circle. You have run the race and now stand victorious.

You can celebrate your victories and enjoy these days.

This is also a time for being grateful for all your blessings. When I think of the light color of the Victory Horse, I am also thankful for the growing light of the Divine.

Good luck, get in the race and win. Then bow your head humbly in gratitude.

The Chalice is the card of Holiness. It relates to Spirit. It could be the lost grail cup. It is full of Spirit. We are the Grail, the Chalice.

On the mundane, this can refer to a drinking party.

The drops from the vine are filling up the cup. Is it water or wine. Do you see it full or empty? Are you drinking from Spirit? Are you receiving Spiritual Blessings? Even more importantly, are you giving blessings?

Are you filling yourself with 'Loving Kindness' and sharing with others?

Today is an amazing day.  We start with an issue of fear involving lack.  We are to succeed by acting as if we are already a winner.  What is the winning outcome?  Filling our cup with Spirit.  How joyous.

You are loved and blessed.

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