Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pisces, The Whip, Little Fish

The Pisces energy is streaming in today. It is perceived as Christ energy. After all, it's not time of Pisces - it was: Feb.19-March 20.

Energy is now flowing in as if to flush out any blockages. It's now open. Get out of the way and get going. Pisces people can be very sensitive. The key is not to be overly sensitive. The Christ energy is very special.

You will feel the abundance coming back and the energy flowing. Talk about inspiration. This is a great time where you need that extra zing.

The whip is about discipline. Today will take great mental effort as there may be emotional unhappiness or possibly physical difficulties.

What tests us, makes us stronger. We struggle to attain and in so there is a karmic strengthening of character.

Untangle things today. Stay grounded and not reacting to others negative emotions.

Use your strengths developed from discipline.

The little fish are all swimming together in a group. We are all in this together. There can be some successful group activity today. We are moving forward

The 'little fishes' is the card of little wish granted.

It can also indicate the formation of something new: Something drawn from Nothing.

Our little wishes can come true.

I asked today about the energy as we are working with a difficult situation.  These 3 cards are what came up.  It is a good outcome if we can execute with discipline.  On the other hand, care is to be taken with the discipline.

What is the underlying cause of the issue: Butterflies, the desire to find happiness and on a Spiritual level - transformation.  What do we bring to this situation?  The Weeping Woman - our own unhappiness with the way things are flowing.  Is there help coming in?  Yes, the Spinning Top.  Something unexpected may arise - the Jack in the Box may surprise us.  What is it that we know?  The Victory Horse - ultimately, victory is ours, remain humble.  What do we not know?  The Black Cat - there is a need to remain alert  There is something lying and waiting in the grass.  I've asked how we work with the Black Cat and the Answer is Cancer:  Call upon Divine Mother, be sensitive, take small steps.  It may be our guidance.

We are loved and we are blessed.

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