Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Candle, Woolly Mammoth, Lord of Power

The candle is the symbol of wisdom. Find that wisdom today. "It is better to light one candle then curse the darkness" is a very slight on the less common "Chinese proverb" "'Don't curse the darkness - light a candle." The advice given is "if something is wrong, do something about it rather than complain."

Can we throw some light on the situation today?. Light can help us see more clearly.

Candle light also creates a warm environment.

The Woolly Mammoth brings seeds of the past forward to be healed. What stuff is unresolved and needs healing?

There are many people carrying pain from the past and continue to carry these painful memories. Time to process it now we are where we are.

Are you ready to move forward, recognizing we are all connected on the Spiritual level?

Let's create new memories of healing and compassion for one another. Could be some karmic work for today. Are You ready for it?

The Lord of Power is the card of concentration and channeling of energy. It is the control of emotional vitality, direction of dynamics of personality. Understand that all levels of force belong to one Energy, Ulti-matter.

You have greater power to use from your inner self and higher self.

Understand how to use your spiritual power. The right thought creates the right action. You have the power to manifest by using these spiritual laws.

Tap into the power with meditation. It can be passive or even active such as yoga. There are many powerful meditations in Kundalini Yoga.
Here we are at the beginning of the new year.  A time for looking at what needs healing and getting on with it. Meditations of a healing nature can be significant.

On another level, our study group continues tonight. We have taken a short break for the past several weeks. Spirit calls us to connect and do powerful meditations. We are working through the "Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz.  Come join us.

You are loved and blessed.

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