Thursday, January 26, 2012

Archangel Gabriel, Cancer, Fool

Archangel Gabriel, angel of Winter sits in the foul weather with her back to us. Is she listening? We'll keep our ear tuned to angelic messages today.

The rain pours down on Gabriel. The weather of winter can be treacherous.  We have heavy rain. Exercise caution.

The red suit are the cards of awakening, adversity, trouble, severity and challenge. They are to alert us, awaken us to something we need to know. What do we need to know today? Is it that we aren't listening? Is our ego causing us to hear what is not real and cause us pain?

Invoke the cosmic power of the Moon and Divine Mother, as both are of the Divine Feminine.

The crab can grab on to things with it's pinchers, but don't hold on too much or too long. Hold only as needed. Side step if you have to when there are obstacles in your way.

Like the Mother, nurture and love one another.

The fool is the card of physical pleasure and experience. The soul of the personality is in search of knowledge.

There may be a new beginning starting today. You may have fallen and laughing about it, feeling a little foolish.

Get back up and get moving. The Universe rewards actions.

Keep smiling, even  if there is a little hurt.  It's amazing what a smile can do.  Laughter is also very healing.  Laugh yourself well.  God laughs with you.  God created laughter.

Thank you Archangel Gabriel for coming through to us today.  I was saying yesterday that we know you are very busy with handling the winter season.  Be sensitive, but no overly today.  We may stay in the house (like the crab) because of all the rain storms.  WE may also have to pray a little stronger so Gabriel can hear us.  Remember, if you first fall down, laugh and get up and try it again.  Keep smiling

You are loved and blessed.

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