Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Swamp, Aries, Holy Pigs

The swamp cautions us not to be overwhelmed. Clarity may be difficult with the swamp's muddy waters. Are you in muddy waters or is that your thinking?

Watch your step in the swamp. It is wise to test the path ahead before making a commitment. Have you been sinking because of a misstep?

Watch for emotional trickery going on. Keep an eye on things. There may be alligators and snakes you can't see in the muddy water. Our friend Bill reminded us this past week of the old saying, "Its hard to remember we had planned to drain the swamp when there are alligators bitting our backside".

Aries is about new beginnings. There is an inflow of new energy to give us a new start.

Each night we go to sleep and then awaken to a new day, a new opportunity a new beginning (again or for the first time).

Tap into the energy. Draw it to you to accomplish the things you wish to get done.

Use the power of the cosmic to initiate your new projects. It is the energy needed.

The Little Holy Pigs is the card of good luck. This leads material gain and good fortune in any area and on all levels.

This is about work and preparation toward mental wealth. The pigs are in the enclosure of your consciousness and cannot again become submerged in the Unconscious.

There is enough for everyone, as the Universe is abundant.

Use your luck well today, then share with others.
Another message of the Holy Pigs is that one good something multiplies.

Things are muddy today.  Time to watch our step and seek clarity.  Call upon Aries for a new start.  Tap into this initiating energy to move you forward.  Our outcome is the luck card of Divine Mother as shown in the Holy Pigs.  Luck is sometimes defined as an unknown cause that produces a wonder affect.  Could be Aries is helping out today.  Give thanks for your blessings and your luck.

You are loved and blessed.

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