Thursday, December 29, 2011

Secrets, Bed, Witchhazel

What secrets are there to be discovered? Are we on the path in the Celestial Labyrinth?

The wheel spins round and round, like a worm hole. Where will it take us? There is a bridge to higher consciousness. Will you take it?

Is the right focus being brought on the issue? Is there a lack of specificity?

More to come today.

The bed is a place of rest, a place where the subconscious mind is active and the conscious mind is asleep. Time to dream and to process the dreams. Use your dream time to give you insight and inspiration.

One could say that getting out of the bed, vacating it is the solution. The Universe loves action, especially when it is the correct action.

What lies dormant here? What do the dreams tell you? Start /continue the dream journal to get insight.

We are on the path. Guidance comes from our intuition and guides, but the choices are ours. Draw upon your dormant and hidden talents.

The Witch hazel tree tells us that there is healing on all levels, including the emotional level.

There is a manipulation of the time sequence. The Here and Now contains the Whole of anything. We have the vision of an entire concept. We see the seed, flower and pod in simultaneous action.

What you have worked for is coming to fruition.

Experience the here and now. Experience being out of time and space. This is a mighty lesson and solution.

What is the secret?  It is something dormant that is in need of healing?  Bed and rest may be required. Do some down day things. Take a mental health day. Restore and rejuvenate for better days are ahead.

God wants you to know that you are loved and blessed.

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