Monday, December 12, 2011

Scorpio, Ouroboros, Magical Horse

The Healing and transforming energy of Scorpio are coming in at higher vibrations.

Meditate on the sign of the Scorpio. Raise your vibrations from the lower self to the higher. The healing energy is close to the higher part of you, the Eagle.

There are important things for you to see with your expanded awareness.

Can you now a shift into a more beneficial affect of energy?
Watch out for the stinger.

The Ouroboros is a symbol of connection. The snake has it's tail in it's mouth, creating the circle. It is a connection without end.

In the song, 'The Circle Chant': In this circle of love, in this circle of peace. I feel the unity. This is about Divine unity as well. Connecting and being one with God is the way.

Ouroboros is also about unity. We are all one and we are "One with God". We may not realize it, but when we do, everything changes. When we love our self, we also love others. This says we are all connected and that life is a circle. You know it, feel it.

Magical Horse is making magical progress today. We see the horse is on the track, in the race and running well. Stay on topic and keep it moving.

There is assurance of good health. Run with the wind and get all the benefits of those endorphins.

You can start new projects or energize old ones, now.

Go Magical.

There is a need for healing today that we have been called upon to help.  What are we to do?  Make the connection with the person and the Divine.  We are all connected to each other, but sometimes through illness or other issues, that connection suffers.  We can clear the channel or add our connection to the one who is ill until their connection is fully restored.  This is the essence of Spiritual Healing. It's great that the assurance of good health is our result.  Healing can be magical and miraculous.  Believe it.

Make your connection with Spirit and others.  Raise your vibration like Scorpio.  You are in the race and making great progress.

You are loved and blessed.

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